Get ready for Firefly (no, not THAT Firefly) on The CW's Arrow

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Dec 17, 2012

Yes, yes. We know what you thought we meant, but we're actually talking about the latest supervillain to grace the small screen on The CW's new DC series, Arrow.

Arrow's been pretty quick to have a laundry list of DC characters turn up, including Deadshot, China White, Deathstroke and the Huntress. In the show's 10th episode, though, we'll get our glimpse of Firefly, a firefighter turned supervillain after being horribly burned. The character will be portrayed by actor Andrew Dunbar.

As has been the modus operandi for the series, The CW plans to try and keep the character a little more grounded in the realm of the real than the comic book original.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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