Get ready for tomorrow's Fringe with these Friends-style credits

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Are you ready for a new Fringe? Everything we thought we knew about the show is heading out the window. What if Fringe's tone changes and it's less dramatic? What if it's less Fringe and more, dare we say, Friends? Can't imagine it? Lucky for you, we have a visual!

While teasing Fringe's reboot/return, producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner revealed that one of the changes we'll see this season will affect the opening credits. This might seem like a small detail, but do you remember how everyone geeked out over the '80s style credits used in the "Peter" episode?

According to Wyman, "The opening titles this year are orange and stand for the universe without Peter. It's a different chapter." With that being said, why stop there? What if they switched up the credits every few episodes?

We recently came across a fan-made opening sequence—thanks to a tweet from Wyman—that was inspired by the Ross-and-Rachel lovefest Friends. Most of the video footage comes from Fringe's blooper reel, as you can tell by the excessive bursts of laughter. Fringe is off the rocker, but we doubt they'd ever go this pop—would they?

Fringe premieres Sept. 23.

So—what do you think of Fringe meets Friends?