Garish gallery of 17 hand-painted horror movie posters from Ghana

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Dec 17, 2012

Want some weird? Check out this perverse parade of '80s and '90s cult-classic movie posters by West African artists to promote VHS viewings in tiny towns and villages. Freddy, Jason and Ash never looked so distortedly dashing.

Starting in the 1980s, a fleet of mobile cinemas were dispatched to outlying areas in the Republic of Ghana, each armed with a television, VHS machine and portable generator to bring movie monsters and bootlegged mayhem to villagers. (Lo-tech popcorn and Milk Duds not included.)

With zero advertising budget for posters, companies improvised in the only way they could—they created their own.

These bizarre and beautiful horror flick ads were painted by local artists on huge canvases using simple oil paints and vivid imaginations. Each ghastly, somewhat grotesque depiction contains a certain demented flair and remains a unique personal interpretation of hellish Hollywood heroes, from such sensational shlock like Braindead, Cujo and the immortal Leprechaun.

Cheers to these unsung painters. Now dim the lights ... press play, rewind, repeat.

(via Poster Collective)