Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell BTS clip shows off impressive Sologram and Ghost Cam tech

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Jul 7, 2017, 6:41 PM EDT

With source material as gorgeously imagined as Masamune Shirow’s much-loved manga Ghost in the Shell, director Rupert Sanders and company were inspired to push their own creative efforts in order to bring their visually stunning adaptation to the big screen (and now to Digital HD home screens). Some of those efforts are impressively highlighted in our exclusive Blu-ray clip below, which shows off a couple of insane world-building technologies the team utilized.

The first is what Sanders refers to as “solograms … solid holograms that exist in the city-scapes,” which are used as a form of futuristic advertising. To accomplish as much, they didn’t create animation so much, but instead, with the help of some 80 cameras, they crafted 3D objects that exist virtually in space.

“You can completely walk around them, and they’re in motion. So when you see these characters in the buildings, they’re not animated, these are real action characters that make it look like advertising billboards of the 21st century,” says executive producer Jeffrey Silver.

To bring you ever further into the city-scape, the team also utilized what Sanders calls “ghost cams, which are these long kind of journeys through the cities, and they’re really the way you see the world.”

You can get a feel for this enveloping cinematography below as director of photography Jess Hall walks us through the ghost cam’s initial use as it travels through the streets of Hong Kong and approaches Scarlett Johansson’s cyber-enhanced soldier, Major. Check out the high- and low-flying action in our clip below, and get the full BTS experience now on Digital HD, or when the Ghost in the Machine Blu-ray drops on July 25.