The Major wakes into a nightmare in new Ghost in the Shell promo

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Apr 28, 2017, 10:48 AM EDT (Updated)

It seems like Scarlett Johannson is always waking up to nightmarish situations in her recent films.

In Lucy, she comes to in an unfamiliar bedroom to discover a sack of drugs has been sewn into her stomach.

In Under the Skin, her alien serial killer wakes up to molestations from a stranger in the film's unsettling climax.

In keeping with these startling on-screen awakenings, here's a new clip/trailer (clailer?) from Ghost in the Shell, featuring ScarJo's Major Kusanagi rising from her REM sleep and sensing an odd alteration to her humanity ... courtesy of Juliette Binoche, taking a break from her usual arthouse fare (like she did a few years back with her brief appearance in Godzilla).

Open your eyes and live the nightmare. Ghost in the Shell opens March 31.

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