Ghostbusters re-enacted with kittens is the most adorably geeky thing you'll see today

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Mar 3, 2014

Cats and dogs, living together -- mass hysteria! 

We live in strange, digital times. For many years it seemed nothing could outpace the lolcat. Then one day the doge meme showed up, and wow! Very compete. Much doge. So amaze.

But don't think that lolcats are going quietly into that good night. Because lolcats are nocturnal. And they're raising the stakes of the game. So, now, here they are, re-enacting one of the greatest films of all time: Ghostbusters.

Truly, no ghost can scare a cat. They are utterly unflappable. Unless said ghost has one of those twist-off tabs from a gallon of milk. Truly, those are a cat's greatest weakness.

Just don't tell doge that.

(via Jezebel)

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