Ghostbusters sequel unlikely as studio prepares to eat $70 million loss

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Aug 14, 2016, 11:42 AM EDT (Updated)

Blame it on an overinflated budget, the controversial creative direction or the Ghost-bros backlash — but Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot is officially on track to lose money.

Before the film opened, the studio was keen on getting a sequel into development (with high hopes it would prove to be a hit), but now it’s looking like the project will lose somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film has earned $180 million, though it still has a few markets left to open. Experts say it will be hard-pressed to hit $225 million.

Which, even if it makes $225 million, it’ll still be a long way from the production and marketing budget of approximately $300 million. The studio is reportedly getting ready to absorb a loss of more than $70 million. Ouch. So, any hopes of using this film as a linchpin for a larger universe is looking less and less likely. The film wasn't great, creatively, but also wasn't a trainwreck. It was just okay. Sadly, it seems the studio would've needed a sure-fire hit to keep this train rolling.

Per the report, Sony has been mum on the future of the franchise, though the studio is pursuing an animated Ghostbusters film for 2019 and an animated TV series called Ghostbusters: Ecto Force hitting in early 2018.

For what it’s worth, a Sony representative called the loss calculation “way off,” noting that alternate revenue streams like gaming, consumer products, third-party promotions, etc. should help bring the numbers a bit closer together. But, regardless — it still looks like a money loser, which isn’t the most promising starter for a franchise. 

Are you bummed to hear the g sequel is on ice?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)