Ghostbusters trivia, Trump vs. Venkman, and more from the streets of New York!

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Jul 15, 2016, 2:01 PM EDT

Well, the moment has finally arrived: A new Ghostbusters film has hit theaters, and fans of the 1984 horror comedy can now see for themselves what it's like when a new generation of comedians take up their proton packs in defense of New York City.

To celebrate, we hit the streets of the team's hometown to find out who knows their Ghostbusters best, what separates the in-the-know fans from the average ghost-bait, and just  where the freakin' Gatekeeper/Keymaster are. 

Check it out below, and remember: Whether your tastes are the 2016 model or the 1984 original (or, Gozer help us, Ghostbusters II), bustin' makes you feel good.