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Ghostbusters getting its Pokemon Go on with new augmented reality mobile game from Google

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Feb 24, 2018, 4:59 PM EST (Updated)

Get ready to bust some ghosts in your own backyard. Sony Pictures is partnering with Google to bring you a mobile augmented reality game called Ghostbusters World.

Just ahead of the Mobile World Congress, Google has announced the launch of its mobile augmented reality platform called ARCore, which allows developers to create games that blend virtual images with what is seen on a mobile phone's camera. As if the idea of having augmented reality (AR) on your mobile device wasn't exciting enough, Google also announced a partnership with Sony Pictures to bring a Ghostbusters-themed game to the platform later this year, shortly after launch.

Ghostbusters is the perfect brand and best content to utilize AR technology,” said Jamie Stevens, Sony Pictures Entertainment executive VP (via Variety). Why, you ask? We all know who you call when a ghost shows up unexpectedly in your neighborhood.

Here's a video teaser for the game:


Ghostbusters World will be similar to the uber-popular Pokemon Go game, which allows players to catch Pokemon living in their area -- only in Ghostbusters World, you'll be busting familiar-looking ghosts from throughout the franchise. So only slightly more terrifying than encountering a Pokemon out in the wild.

Are you ready to grab your proton pack and bust some ghosts on your very own street? Of course you are. You ain't afraid of no ghosts, right?

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