Ghostbusters writer on making the team relevant for 2016

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Mar 4, 2016

Aside from the fact that the team is all-female (#ChildhoodRuined), we don’t really know much about the new-look Ghostbusters. With the first trailer out in the wild, all that is set to change.

The film’s writer Katie Dippold (Parks and Recreation, The Heat) has chatted with The Verge about the challenge of bringing the 1980s classic to the modern era. Along with rethinking the genders, Dippold said they also had to figure out how this type of team would come into existence in 2016. Oh, and of course, chemistry is also important.

Here’s an excerpt from her breakdown:

“Melissa’s character has been at it her whole life. She’s never stopped, she’s never wavered. She doesn’t care. In today’s world, scientists don’t believe in ghosts. There are no parapsychology departments anymore in colleges, so we just thought that was interesting. What would that mean today, to form a Ghostbusters unit?

So to others, [Melissa's character] looks like the crazy lady, but she’s just been dead set at pursuing this. And she’s working with Kate McKinnon’s character, Holtzmann, who works with her in a lab. She’s a mysterious lady that knows a lot of stuff. She builds the equipment and she doesn’t care about social norms. If she sees everyone freaking out about something, she would just kind of smile: ‘Oh, isn’t that fun?’

And then Leslie Jones plays Patty, who works at the MTA. She sees a ghost, and so she joins them. Patty knows a lot about the city. She reads a lot of non-fiction books while she’s sitting alone in that booth all day, and so she brings a lot of that knowledge.”

Dippold makes a good point about the lack of parapsychology support at universities these days, and that angle did serve as a nice introduction to the world of the original. By putting these ghost-busting  ladies even further on the fringes, it could make for an interesting angle in 2016.

What do you think? Did the trailer blow you away?

(Via The Verge)

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