Ghostbusters Blu-ray extras detailed

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Tracey Garvin, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming Ghostbusters Blu-ray release features new extras on top of the original DVD extras.

"We went back and we got new interviews with the cast," Garvin said in an exclusive interview on Wednesday in Culver City, Calif. "We also worked with the video-game company, because they're launching this new video game. So we have a really cool demo of that and the making of, because they had some of the talent come back for the voices of that game. They remodeled the Ecto-1 [Cadillac amublance], and we captured that on time-lapse film. We have an immersive picture-in-picture track that has pop-ups."

DVD owners can upgrade to the Blu-ray and keep the deleted scenes, commentary and other features from the DVD release. "We always keep the legacy content on, because I'm a big proponent that if you already own it on DVD, you want to keep all that stuff. You never want to give it up because you already have it on DVD. You always want it on one disc and in one place so you'll have the legacy content."

Fans of the sequel, Ghostbusters II—you know you're out there—will have to wait a little while to complete their Ghostbusters Blu-ray collection. "How soon do you want it? Do you want it really soon?" Garvin said. "I think sometimes they're trying not to blow out the marketplace. Some people have the income, but sometimes it becomes an either/or choice, so you want to make an event out of each one. It will come out. Ghostbusters II is great, absolutely."

In a separate interview, SPHE president David Bishop said that the decision to release Ghostbusters on Blu-ray now came from a combination of the tie-in with the video game and the general interest in a classic catalog title.

"Some of it is driven by some activity in the marketplace that makes sense," Bishop said. "We also are mindful of the install base, because there are certain films that maybe are less targeted and have more mass appeal. You want to make sure that the install base is big enough."

Ghostbusters was deemed to have enough fans, even among the limited number of Blu-ray player owners, that it would be an easy sell. "We just think that there are enough people who love that movie," Bishop said. Ghostbusters drops on Blu-ray June 16.