Ghosts are real in the haunting new trailer for Del Toro's Crimson Peak

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May 13, 2015, 12:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Guillermo del Toro has a unique eye for horror, and he's demonstrated it in films like CronosThe Devil's Backbone and even his dark fantasy Pan's Labyrinth. He also has an eye for absolutely stunning, even erotic, images of beautiful decay, and his new film Crimson Peak might just be the pinnacle of all of that. It's del Toro's chance to construct his ultimate haunted-house movie (and he really did construct a haunted house to make it), a luxurious journey through a broken, molding manor full of secrets, shadows and things that go bump in the night. For these reasons and more, we can't wait to see it.

We'd heard plenty from del Toro about the film well before we saw any footage, and when we finally did get the first trailer we were swept away by it. Now a second trailer is here to take us even deeper into this film's secrets. Before you see it, though, here's a little refresher on the film's synopsis:

When her heart is stolen by a seductive stranger, a young woman is swept away to a house atop a mountain of blood-red clay: a place filled with secrets that will haunt her forever. Between desire and darkness, between mystery and madness, lies the truth behind Crimson Peak. 

The new trailer takes us even deeper into the haunting secrets, and we get an even better sense of Del Toro's visual mastery. Plus, this time around, the film has a Stephen King quote to help sell everyone on it. Check it out:

True to his word, del Toro isn't interested in hiding his monsters from us. They're right there in the open even in this trailer, reaching through walls and touching you in the night. The house set looks absolutely spectacular, and those visuals of white snow on red earth nearly took my breath away. If this movie's half as good as the trailers suggest, we could be in for a treat.

Crimson Peak hits theaters Oct. 16. 

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