Giant robots beat the $#%@ out of each other in new Real Steel trailer

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Dec 14, 2012

Are you going through Hugh Jackman withdrawal? Does the Wolverine delay have you in a funk? If so, today's your lucky day. A new trailer has been released for Jackman's latest film, Real Steel, and even though Adamantium isn't involved, there's still plenty of metal on metal.

Real Steel is one of those action flicks that take place in the "near future," where everything looks the same but is slightly different. For one, boxing mano-a-mano has been outlawed. There's no Mosley versus Pacquiao in this new day and age. Instead, humans put giant robots in a ring and watch them annihilate each other.

Jackman's character (Charlie) is a former boxer who's knee-deep in debt and looking for a way out. Luckily for him, his son Max (Dakota Goyo) has an ace up his sleeve. He wants his dad to turn a run-down junkyard robot into the next boxing champion. In other words, Real Steel takes the training story you've seen in movies like The Karate Kid and Million Dollar Baby and applies it to robots.

If you're still on the fence about the movie, former "Lostie" Evangeline Lilly co-stars, along with The Hurt Locker's Anthony Mackie. Jackman, Lilly and Mackie, plus director Shawn Levy should sweeten the deal—right?

Real Steel hits theaters on Oct. 7, 2011. Are you excited to see these rock-'em-sock-'em robots on the big screen?

(via Yahoo)

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