Gillian Anderson: I want to believe X-Files 3 is possible ... with crowdfunding?

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Oct 14, 2014, 12:49 PM EDT

Talk of another X-Files film has been brewing for six years now, and one of the franchise's stars thinks crowdfunding might finally get it made.

Ever since the release of The X-Files: I Want to Believe in 2008 -- a film that was ultimately disappointing, despite the joy of seeing the characters again -- X-Files creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been steadfastly enthusiastic about the possibility of more Scully and Mulder stories. Carter said earlier this year that there have been "conversations" at Fox about some sort of revival of the franchise, and Duchovny declared last year that he will "play Fox Mulder forever," while encouraging fans to write to Fox and ask for more X-Files

While there may be some movement behind the scenes, the public status of a third X-Files film or other continuation remains "We'd love to do it if we can." It still feels a bit like I Want to Believe took the wind out of the franchise's sails, but every time the chance of a continuation seems to grow colder, a glimmer of hope emerges. Today that glimmer comes courtesy of Anderson.

During an interview on Bloomberg TV's Taking Stock to promote her new novel A Vision of Fire (co-written with Jeff Rovin), Anderson was asked about the status of X-Files 3, and at first gave an answer very similar to what we've heard for years.

"There is discussion. Things are percolating," she said. "David, I, and Chris all are interested in coming together again in some format."

Host Pimm Fox then steered the discussion toward a greater connection with fans thanks to the Internet, and brought up the idea of crowdfunding. Here's how Anderson responded to that:

"We could crowdfund an X-Files movie -- yeah," she said, then laughed. Then Fox asked her seriously if she'd get behind an X-Files crowdfunding effort if one was started. Her response:

 "Sure. Yes. I mean that ultimately is what's keeping it from happening -- I mean other than Fox giving the go-ahead, which is not a small issue. But yeah -- crowdfunding is a good idea."

There may well be enough X-Files fans out there who want to see another film so badly that they'll fork over enough cash to make it happen, but Anderson makes a good point: In the end, it would be up to Fox to greenlight the film, since the franchise is still under their control. It's certainly been proven possible, though. Veronica Mars fans funded a film revival of that series with the approval of Warner Bros., and the Kickstarter campaign was a massive success. Perhaps Fox would be willing, but for the moment it's best to remember this is more of a musing on Anderson's part than a concrete step in development.

Still, what do you think? Would you donate to an X-Files crowdfunding effort if Carter and company launched one? Do you still want to believe in X-Files 3

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