Girls Make Games holds 2017 Demo Day

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Aug 15, 2017

Young, tech savvy girls got a chance to show off their skills as they unveiled their very own video games during the 2017 Girls Make Games Demo Day on August 13.

The annual event featured five teams of young girls as they presented their games to a panel of judges. The games were all conceptualized, designed, and programmed entirely by the girls, and the girls only had three weeks to put them together. The winning team will have their game published on Xbox, PS4, and Steam.

Speaking of the winning team, after careful consideration by the judges, they awarded the grand prize to a team of four from San Francisco, calling themselves Invenio. Their game, Find Me, is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer in which the player must help their wayward shadow find its way back home.

Girls Make Games is a group of international summer camps that aims to inspire the girls to enter STEM fields in the future. According to their website, they're hoping to increase the number of women in the gaming industry, which is overwhelmingly male-dominated despite the fact that women make up nearly half the game-consuming population.

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