Give power to the people with a new trailer for The CW's Black Lightning

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Dec 5, 2017

The CW's DC Comics-based superhero universe is already four shows large -- plus the web series line-up of Vixen, Constantine, and The Ray -- and early next year it's gonna get even bigger.

Black Lightning, a series based on the superhero of the same name, is set to arrive in January right after the midseason premiere of The Flash. It's not necessarily a part of the Arrowverse (yet), but it does expand The CW's superhero assets,  and the network just dropped a new teaser to get us more excited about it.

The series follows Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), who nearly a decade ago walked the streets of New Orleans as the vigilante known as Black Lightning, a hero with the ability to manipulate electricity. When he realized the strain his superhero antics was putting on his family, he hung up the suit and became a principal at a local charter school. In that way, he became a hero again, helping children and enriching his community while also being a loving father.

Fast forward a few years and his two daughters are growing up, and a gang known as the One Hundred is roaming the streets. With his community in danger, Pierce decides it's finally time to resurrect Black Lightning and save his city.

Check out the trailer below:


Sound pretty awesome, right? Like Daredevil meets The Dark Knight Returns meets Black Panther. The new teaser focuses a bit on Black Lightning's origin, and why he chose to put on the suit in the first place. Then it makes what seems to be the show's key point: It's time for Black Lightning to return and give power (Get it? Because he has electricity powers and ... never mind.) back to the people. There's also cool lightning action, which is always a plus.

Black Lightning premiere January 16 on The CW.