Give your Corgi the Night's Watch look with this DIY Crow-gi sweater

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Dec 16, 2017, 3:33 PM EST

Winter is no longer coming -- it's here. And when you're feeling that slight chill this holiday season, you'll probably throw on an awesome geeky sweater or hat. But your furry friends need a way to keep warm, too!

Luckily, we've got all you need to keep your pooch warm with this DIY crow-gi sweater, fashioned to look just like the capes worn by the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones. Not only will your best bud have the honor of taking the black, but they'll look this adorable doing so ...


Check out the instructions and video to find out exactly what you need to knit a crow-gi sweater of your very own.


Easy peasy, right? Now get to work! And make sure to share photos of your crow-gi sweaters far and wide to spread joy this holiday season (#ItsAFanThing).

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