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The Ring (2002) - The success of this remake of the 1998 Japanese frightfest Ringu launched a wave of American remakes of Japanese horror films, but even after numerous other "J-Horror" remakes have rolled out, The Ring seems to remain standing as the best of them. 

Give yourself nightmares with this Ring-inspired augmented reality

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Mar 1, 2018, 4:45 PM EST (Updated)

Ever wished you could be chased by Samara, the little girl who crawls out of the well from The Ring movies? No? Well, too bad, because someone went ahead and created an augmented reality app where she will pop out of your television screen and follow you around. If that sounds terrifying, that's because it is. Take a look at the following video where someone decided to reenact the TV scenes from the films.

With this AR, Samara (played by Daveigh Chase) will pursue you no matter where you try to hide, which means it's time to destroy your old VHS player with a sledgehammer!

The Ring franchise began in 2002 when Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Carribean, A Cure for Wellness) directed the first movie, a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror flick Ringu, which itself was based on a book by Koji Suzuki. Centering on a haunted videotape, the film introduced one of the most terrifying monsters of the horror genre as well as the iconic line "You will die in seven days."

These elements became so popular that they were parodied in Scary Movie 3. A sequel, The Ring Two, arrived in 2005 and was directed by Japanese filmmaker Hideo Nakata (Monsterz, Ghost Theater).

Both films starred Naomi Watts, but the sequel was poorly received. Nevertheless, it made a lot of money, so a third installment, Rings, came out in 2017 from Spanish director F. Javier Gutiérrez. It was considered even worse than its predecessor and holds an abysmal 7 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. To date, the franchise has made over $420 million worldwide.