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Glass faces non-believers in international trailer

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Dec 11, 2018

Throughout the trailers leading up to M. Night Shyamalan’s trilogy-ending Glass, the brilliant madman played by Samuel L. Jackson has had one mortal enemy: doubt. Sure, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy may be playing other superpowered people in the film that will likely be either hiccups or cogs in his plan, but his main foe is those who simply don’t believe that they’re special.

In the newly released international trailer for the film, these seeds of doubt are sewn far and wide, talking all sorts of smack on three individuals whose uniqueness have carried fans through two movies already. And now people don’t believe in them? No wonder Glass is so angry.

Check it out:

There’s not too much new footage to play around with here, but plenty of scene-setting that hasn’t been explicitly shown — especially the speech by Sarah Paulson’s psychiatrist about the central trio. What a niche specialty, people that think they’re superheroes. Although, it seems to have paid off for her character... for now.

When the Beast is unleashed, well, that’ll be a different story. The comic references continue to be strong in the film, with footage comparing a doomed medical worker’s fate to that of a surprised comic book character. Believing in real-life superpowers is going to be a very important, possibly life-dependent decision.

Glass breaks onto the scene on Jan. 18.

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