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Oct 5, 2006

This seems appropriate, since I'm at the HEAD meeting, the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society. There have been a lot of interesting results announced here, as you might expect—the conference covers exploding stars, black holes, giant blasts of energy from neutron stars, and other gee-whiz events. Most of these results are from space satellite observations, and one such satellite is GLAST, which launches in 2007 and will observe all those cool things. My day job is to produce education and public outreach materials for GLAST, so for once I can write up a blog entry during work time and have it actually be OK!

I did a short interview about GLAST for the Iowa Space Grant Consortium’s Space Week Science Challenge, and they just put it online. It's an MP4 file, and none of my audio players knew how to play it, so I had to download a codec to listen to it (I found one here).

I think I sound a little dorky at the offset, but there's a basic intro to GLAST and gamma-ray astronomy which may pique your interest. I'll have lots more stuff about what GLAST is doing in the future, especially as it gets close to launch. Until then, I have some other blog entries about GLAST too.

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