Glen Mazarra's Walking Dead departure might be all about Kirkman

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

We reported last month that showrunner Glen Mazzara had left under more or less amicable circumstances from AMC's hit The Walking Dead. But could the real reason have everything to do with a certain Mr. Robert Kirkman?

Producer on Sons of Anarchy Kurt Stutter certainly had some choice words on the subject of Mazarra's departure. To wit, he quite bluntly stated that AMC had sent him "a gift basket filled with ... broken promises and the marinated tongue used to lick Kirkman's ass."


Not terribly difficult to suss out the meaning behind that oh-so-veiled comment, is it? Folks, when you get sacked, it is often best for all parties involved to make it seem, to the public eye, as though the break was a clean one. That, however, does not mean you won't grump to your buddies. We imagine Mazarra did just that with Stutter, who, in turn, felt no obligation to hide his personal sentiment.

To Kirkman's credit, he took the high road on Twitter, publicly stating that Stutter "is brilliant and Sons is my favorite show on TV. Still, it's upsetting to see him ranting about things he knows nothing about."

But that doesn't solve the issue of two big-name showrunners being ousted from the Walking Dead bullpen. Is it all about Kirkman? Could be. He does have an enormous amount of creative control. Whether or not his skills as a comic writer extend to the medium of TV, however, remains in debate.

What's your gut? Is Kirkman behind Mazarra's departure? And who should take over?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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