Glenn and Maggie find time for sweet, sweet love in Walking Dead S4 animated gif

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Jul 16, 2013, 2:02 PM EDT

Just because the zombie apocalypse is still on doesn't mean there isn't time for sweet, sweet love. 

Glenn and Maggie did not have the easiest go of things during the third season of The Walking Dead. Maggie was forced to do some nonconsensual stuff with the Governor, and Glenn did not do the best job of dealing with it. Sounds like a bit of a deal-breaker situation, but, by the end of it, they managed to work through the problem and even get themselves engaged. That's dedication in the face of an uncertain, zombie-filled future.

But where are they now, and what's coming up for season four? Well, here's a little animated .gif (pronounced, reluctantly, as "jif") to give you a hint.

Hooray! We don't get a lot of overwhelming positivity on The Walking Dead, so we're enjoying this momentary bit of happiness for two of our favorite characters.

(via EW)