Gloriously sweet 30th-anniversary E.T. poster rekindles the magic

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Jul 2, 2015, 2:39 PM EDT

Has it already been three decades since E.T. shuffled around eating Reese's Pieces and moaning about his telecommunication needs? Well, if you've been offworld a while, this beautiful anniversary poster from Hopko Design in New York will bring you back into orbit.

In celebration of this year's 30th-birthday video release, this specially designed poster and Blu-ray cover art for 1982's E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial has been imagined and rendered in vibrant color with Elliot and the entire cast orbiting around the cute title creature.

Steven Spielberg's sci-fi fable remains a cherished experience for generations of fans, and Scott Hopko's crew has captured the magical chemistry in his latest creation. The remastered, high-def E.T. release is expected sometime this year as part of Universal Studios' 100th anniversary.

What do you think? Is the poster worthy of the milestone or a mishmash miss?

(Via GeekTyrant)

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