Go behind the scenes of the best fan film ever made with new Power/Rangers footage

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Mar 3, 2015, 2:06 PM EST

The recent Power/Rangers fan film almost broke the internet over the past week, and was viewed millions upon millions of times. Want to see how the gritty “de-boot” was actually made?

Producer Adi Shankar, who has backed some awesome shorts in his “Bootleg” series (such as the  Punisher-centric Dirty Laundry and the recent Judge Dredd: Super Fiend), was also one of the minds behind Power/Rangers. Now Shankar has dropped a making-of featurette digging into the process behind director Joseph Kahn’s action-packed epic.

Seeing all the behind-the-scenes action, with stars Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek milling around, the most amazing thing is that virtually nothing about this project actually leaked before they dropped the finished product. The production values are obvious when you watch the short, but it’s fascinating to see how they pulled it all off on a relative shoestring budget.

Kahn also chatted with io9 about the project and how he was trying to put his own spin on the "reboot culture":

"I can't front that I was ever a fan of Power Rangers. Most people when they do projects always say they're fans, but 90% are lying just to please the fans. I was already shaving in 1993 when Power Rangers came out. It was aimed at 12-year-olds. I would have been weird as hell if I was going into clubs raving about a reappropriated Sentai show for kids. I would have never gotten laid (which I didn't anyway so what did it matter). It was an interesting experiment to play with reboot culture and tone control. When I finally made it I was fully invested in the characters and the property but I didn't come into it to please a fan base, per se, but to experiment with pop culture."

Check out the making-of footage and let us know what you think:

Also of note: It's a testament to the tenacity of the fans that this short is even still available to watch, as rights owner Saban made a huge push to have the short shut down almost immediately after it was released. The film was actually yanked offline, briefly, until fan backlash reached such a fever pitch that a deal was struck to let it live.

What'd you think of Power/Rangers? Can the upcoming reboot of the property come close to that level of insane awesomeness?

(Via Adi Shankar)