Go behind the scenes of SGU to learn about the final 10 episodes

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Dec 14, 2012

When last we left the crew of the Destiny in Syfy's Stargate Universe three months ago, things looked positively bleak. In the midseason finale, "Resurgence," the crew had been duped by the Ursini (those seed ship aliens) and the Destiny was trapped in the middle of a battle with hostile drones that were bent on annihilating the ship.

Stargate Universe returns with an explosive midseason premiere called "Deliverance" tonight at 10 p.m., which will kick off the final 10 episodes of the series. "I'm pretty happy with the whole back 10," said co-creator and executive producer Brad Wright. "I think we come back from the break very, very strong, with some really, really moving episodes and actually some big action stuff. 'Deliverance,' which is the second part of the two-parter, has a ton of action in it."

The next episode after "Deliverance" is "Twin Destinies," said Wright. "It's actually a very big story too. It's got a ton of scope and a significant amount of action, as well. ... It sets up a huge story arc that will follow up the rest of the season. And I don't really want to spoil it beyond that. I just want to say that there's something that is initiated that takes place and carries on through the rest of the story."

According to Wright, "Twin Destinies" is a pivotal episode especially because crew finally comes to a realization. "There's some fairly compelling scenes between Rush and the rest of the crew that make everybody realize that 'We need to be here.'"

Then, in "Alliances," the Lucian Alliance threat against Earth comes to a head, which leads to a Greer/Camile Wray story. That episode is followed by "Hope" and "Seizure."

"'Hope' is a beautiful character story by Carl Binder, some of his best work. And we see what the repercussions are of not having a doctor and medical training. And it puts T.J. really in the forefront of things. There's also an interesting stones-related story that has repercussions that we move on into 'Seizure.' And in 'Seizure,' we try again essentially to investigate at least the possibility of dialing Destiny from another place in the Milky Way galaxy, because what we feel what we desperately need the most is a supply line. Even though we can't go home, if we had support and help and resources from Earth, that would be fabulous. And that leads into the beginnings of the arc that takes us into the last episodes, which I don't want to give away. We meet beings who we have a lot in common with. I'll just leave it at that."

Stargate: Atlantis fans will be happy to know that David Hewlett (aka Dr. Rodney McKay) and Robert Picardo (aka Richard Woolsey) will guest-star. Other guest stars this season include Victor Garber (Alias), French Stewart (3rd Rock From the Sun) and Kathleen Quinlen (Apollo 13).

We'll also see the return of Julie McNiven's Ginn, who had gotten close to Eli (David Blue) before being killed earlier this season. "Well, let's just say that nobody dies in sci-fi. You may see her again, and I'm not kidding. She isn't gone forever," he said.

One thing that won't happen during the final episodes is the crew will not get comfortable in their roles on the ship. "We didn't build this ship, and we really still don't know what we're doing. So we're going to keep all of that very much alive going forward," said Wright.

"I'm excited about the last several episodes of the show, and this season, I think, is a very strong season," he said. "The back half is arguably stronger than the first in terms of some of the emotional touchstones, and it's something I'm proud of. But being proud of something and getting picked up are rarely connected, you know?"

While Stargate Universe has been canceled by Syfy, Wright hopes after three series and an animated series, this won't be the end of all things Stargate. "There might be other possibilities out there, and maybe even a miniseries or movie. It's not necessarily the end of the world," he said.

Here's a sneak peek of tonight's episode:

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