Go behind the scenes with 1st set footage from Game of Thrones S3

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Filming for Game of Thrones season three is now in full swing on location in and around Belfast in Northern Ireland, and we've got the very first (and very cool) footage from the highly anticipated new season featuring none other than our favorite road-trip duo, Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) and Ser Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).


UTV caught up with some of the cast and crew as they were filming a scene at Shane's Castle, near Randalstown in Co Antrim.

The footage features the Maid of Tarth with that silver-tongued—and rather bedraggled—former golden Kingslayer (and second half of that infamous twincest couple) making their way on a bridge.

While we sadly can't hear what's being said, we're quite sure we'll be rewarded with some lively banter between Brienne and Jaime down the road.

News Letter reports on that particular scene and says:

I watched five takes of the short scene—to appear in the second episode of the new series—between Knight Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister.

Without giving too much away, the scene is part of Brienne's mission to escort Jaime back to his family at King's Landing for Lady Catelyn Stark. She believes the Lannister family—who include the mother of the young King Joffrey—hold her two daughters captive and hopes to get them back in exchange for Jaime.

Brienne is far from your standard knight—firstly, she is a woman—but she has emerged as one of the most interesting characters since being introduced in series two.

The production team film for around 12 hours each day, which amounts to around roughly four minutes of footage.

Then we have HBO's Frank Doelger (we're talking back in the video), one of the executive producers of the series, talking locations, locations, locations — and more:

"We've been able to find an incredible variety of locations. The weather is definitely a challenge, but I have to let you know that we've been rained out in Malta, we've been rained out in Croatia, we've been snowed out in Iceland. So all the other areas that we've gone to have been challenging as well."

Also adding:

"The writers have decided to divide Book Three into two seasons. I know George [R.R. Martin] is a huge fan of the series and I think he has a lot more stories to be told, so I'm confident that he'll keep up."

Have a look:

What do you guys think of the footage? Are you as excited as we are about Game of Thrones season three? Don't forget to mark your calendars for March 31, 2013!

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