Go even deeper into The LEGO Movie world with this revealing concept art

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

With a boatload of comic cameos and a witty story, The LEGO Movie continues to rock the box office. So, want to take a deeper look into its awesomely blocky world?

Some concept art from the film has trickled out via a few different venues, and we’ve pulled it together below (Be warned: SPOILERS). We get a better look at the mishmash submarine created by the master builders, a ton of alternate designs for WyldStyle, and some CGI concepts of the entire LEGO world. It’s cool to get a feel for the scope of it all, especially after seeing it all chopped up into seperate locales in the movie.

Check out the concept art below, and keep in mind that the design software used to create the film was programmed to only allow objects, backdrops, buildings and locations that could be make using real LEGO blocks. So, theoretically, you could recreate the entire film with real LEGOs. Now, isn’t that awesomely meta?

(Via New York Times, Comic Book Movie, io9)