Go Inside the Millennium Falcon

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Jul 23, 2016, 12:02 AM EDT

Being immersed in San Diego Comic-Con allows you to bump into all sorts of amazing discoveries around every bustling corner booth and crowded aisle display.  Shrink down inside these amazing photos of a mesmerizing cutaway model of Star Wars' most famous intergalactic freighter from the geek collector wizards at QMx.  

Though only a prototype for a future release, this miniaturized dissection of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon reveals all the nooks and crannies aboard the valiant vessel.   The Cutaway Ship Model includes a pull-off exterior shell to display two ways, and its interior is stuffed with containers, cubby holes, barrels, bins, tools, storage compartments, a crew lounge with holochess table, pilot's cockpit and even a cool easter egg of Han's rebel reward money stashed under the boarding ramp.  Sorry, Jabba.

Thanks to our friends at Adam Savage's Tested for the video and the folks at io9 for these awesome images in the gallery below!

(Via io9)