Go inside Walking Dead's goriest, most barf-inducing scene

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Dec 15, 2012

It's nearly The Walking Dead time, with the season-two premiere just around the corner. But before we dig into the new season this Sunday, actor Steven Yeun (aka Glenn) gave us an exclusive inside scoop on one of the most disturbing, gory scenes that's ever been filmed for television.

Yep, we're talking about the scene in the second episode of the first season, "Guts," where the survivors are trapped in a building by Walkers (aka zombies!) and their only option is to send out Rick and Glenn covered in Walker blood, guts and body parts so they can get out of the building without the Walkers smelling them. And as the men near the end of their tension-filled walk through the Walkers, it starts to rain.

From the chopping up of the Walker to Rick's almost tender way of reminding the survivors that the creature was once human to the smearing of the guts to the walk itself, the scene lived up to episode's title and put The Walking Dead on the map.

"If I could chose one 'Welcome to Hollywood' moment, that would be it. It was so gnarly," said Yeun, came to Hollywood not long before he got his big break as Glenn, the former pizza delivery guy turned quiet hero.

"Like we walked down to set that day and everything was normal. We knew this scene was going to happen, but we didn't know what it was going to be. And so we get there and they put trench coats on us. We're like, 'Okay.' And then they just bring out buckets of innards, and they just smear them all over us. And we're just standing there getting smeared with just crap."

So what were they really being smeared with?

"It was like Vaseline, this dyed jelly stuff, like intestines that they created. Those guys at KNB EFX are disgusting. Even this season, there are some things where you look at it and you just ... actually, I can't give you the scene, but ... we filmed something, and one of the actors, we actually had to stop a take because he almost threw up. Like, he literally almost threw up. And that's where we're going with this [this season]. It's awesome," said Yeun.

However, when it comes to the "Guts" scene, there was more to it than just getting covered in nasty-looking goo. "The scene was amazing, because not just that part of it, the realistic part of it where they covered us with all that stuff, but we were in the Georgia heat, like 100 degrees. We were in rubber trench coats with rubber gloves on. I had like two layers on me. And we were sweating ... In between every take we would take our rubber gloves off and turn them over and it would probably put half a cup of sweat every time," he said.

"Then we had 150 zombie extras crowding an entire downtown Atlanta street, and we're walking down it with a car with a camera on it following us, and then all of a sudden, when we get to the rain part of it, they turn on these giant rain machines, the entire street is raining, and we have to book it and jump over a fence while 150 extras chase us. And there's like a couple obstacles in the way. I could have shot that scene for a year every single day. It was so fun," added Yeun.

The Walking Dead's 90-minute season-two premiere airs on AMC on Sunday at 9 ET.

Here's a look at inside The Walking Dead's "Guts." Start at 3:20 to see more about Rick and Glenn's gory scene that inspired the episode's title:

Are you ready to see the dead walk again?

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