Go behind the scenes of Chuck's Halloween episode with 'Jeffster'

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Dec 14, 2012

Get ready for the indomitable spirit of Jeff and Lester (aka Scott Krinsky and Vic Sehay) on tonight's Halloween-themed Chuck, which gives us Robert Englund as a nightmarish scientist, Linda Hamilton returning as Chuck's mom and a Halloween Buy More blast that just might, if we're lucky, include a Jeffster performance.

While Krinsky and Sehay won't say whether we'll hear Jeffster or even when we'll hear them again, "suffice it to say that we're asked to take care of a certain aspect of Halloween for the store," said Sehay.

"We've been given the task of decorating the Buy More for Halloween. Jeff and Lester ... another little mission for them," said Krinsky. "And so we'll have to wait and see what they've come up with. We can't give too much away, obviously."

"And there is—maybe this is too much already—there is yet again an instance where their worlds cross over into the Chuck world. So it's not a purely a separate venture that this task takes on," added Sehay.

Beyond tonight's episode, Krinsky and Sehay aren't about to give away many specifics about what happens with their characters this season. However, they did have some thoughts on the upcoming appearance by Summer Glau, who plays one of the Gretas.

"She was awesome," said Krinsky. "It's good to see her kick some butt. ... It was just, again, really great to have her as a guest star and to work with her."

With Chuck's fabulous array of guest stars, Sehay admits that "to have guest stars that you can feel have acting chops, that's just always exciting."

While they say they don't really know what's around the bend for Jeff and Lester, they are thrilled that the series has been picked up for an extra 11 episodes, which brings their fourth season to a bigger-than-normal episode order at 24.

"Eleven more episodes have been added, so it's going to be real interesting to see where they take our characters," said Krinsky.

"It's, obviously, it's been an absolute thrill ride," said Sehay. "I mean, and it's been an interesting exploration of these two characters for me personally."

"I love when Jeff gets to be involved in the spy storyline without obviously knowing that he's part of that world, [such as] with the couch lock trip in the last episode," added Krinsky. "I find it fun to be in those kinds of storylines ... And it's fun exploring a little bit of our personal life outside of the Buy More."

"Exploration and depth," said Sehay. "I hope if there is an emergence into the spy world, it'll be nice for Lester if it wasn't just him being the eighth person that finds out and then kind of joins the team in the same capacity. ... There's more interest for me in if there's perhaps an emergence in a different, I guess the word is side, a different side for him there in terms of where we go in terms of the spy world." It kind of seems like he's hinting that he wouldn't mind it if Lester became one of the bad guys.

And then, of course there's Jeffster.

"I think that what one of the things that Scott and I talk about once in a while is the exploration of the development of the band and to see more of the backstage shenanigans. Where that might go. That might be an interesting element," said Sehay.

"Certainly more Jeffster is great. And I think that there's a lot of great stories to be mined with Lester and Jeff as we continue on. And hopefully there's a little bit more Jeffster down the road for everyone," added Krinsky.

"Maybe, Scotty, it would be like The Odd Couple, but on the road doing gigs as Jeffster. ... The Odd Couple in the van."

"We would we just live in our van across the country. Have an RV or something," said Krinksy.

"That's what I'm saying. The Odd Couple in the van doing these tours. But I ... I don't know, who would be Felix? Neither of us particularly that organized. I don't know. We have to find different opposites, of which there are many," said Sehay.

And what songs would they like to see Jeffster play, either in the future of Chuck or on Jeffster, the Odd Couple in a Van?

According to Krinsky, "I think some Journey would be great. We haven't done Journey, or maybe some Aerosmith. ... It be fun to let the fans vote or see if what they came up with, and maybe we could rally our producers to go with the fan choice."

"I would like to tackle Susan Boyle's version of I Dreamed a Dream. That's the first thing." He admits that even though he's not a "trained singer, there's a part of me that deep down really loves the challenge of singing a brutally tough song," said Sehay. Or perhaps, "in terms of the spirit of how Lester sings, to take on some kind of crazy rock-opera song like Tommy, or from like a beautiful heartbreaking musical like Next to Normal or Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Something that's like storytelling at its most raw, grand, operatic. So that's kind of the world I want to go into."

Here's Jeffster doing "Blaze of Glory":

So, what song would you like to hear Jeffster do as a fan choice?

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