7 new Prometheus concept pics reveal more awesome alien details

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Dec 17, 2012

Some new concept art and behind-the-scenes pics from Ridley Scott's sci-fi opus Prometheus have been released, and they give some breathtaking looks at the pre-Alien world he is building.

The shots were released via a very interesting Hollywood Reporter feature on Scott, who talks about the evolution of the project and how it came together after all these years.

Interesting tidbits from the interview?

  • If Scott had gotten to direct the 1986 sequel Aliens, Prometheus might never have happened. He always wanted to return after making Alien, but once he was passed over for James Cameron, he started working up something even bigger to get back involved. "I was really pissed off, frankly," he said, of not being asked to return initially.
  • Scott used his clout to get the budget he wanted for the flick, and it cost about $130 million to make Prometheus. The movie features 1,300 CGI shots.

Check out the new pics in our gallery below:

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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