Go behind the scenes with Ridley Scott in new Prometheus video

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Dec 17, 2012

Ridley Scott is still the man (well, duh), at least according to a new featurette that has been released for his epic Alien prequel Prometheus.

Even the behind-the-scenes B-roll for this movie looks awesome, as we can see from this shiny new set of clips. The featurette includes a few shots of new film footage, along with some cast interviews talking about how great it is to work with director Ridley Scott on an Alien project.

Plus, how can you not get chills when Scott opens the clip, after an intro card shouting: "A Film 30 Years in the Making."

"Here we are, I'm back again," he says, settling into his director's chair. Awesome.

Check out the full featurette below, which will keep us salivating for that June 8 release date.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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