Godkiller comic being adapted as "illustrated film"

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Lance Henriksen, Bill Moseley, Tiffany Shepis, Justin Pierre (singer of Motion City Soundtrack), Lydia Lunch (Richard Kern's Hardcore Collection) and Davey Havok (singer of A.F.I.) have signed on for the "illustrated film" adaptation Godkiller, written and directed by filmmaker Matt Pizzolo based on the comic book he created with illustrator Anna Muckcracker, according to ShockTillYouDrop.

Producer Halo-8 Entertainment will unveil a preview clip at Comic-Con International's WonderCon in San Francisco during the "Indie Film and Comics" panel on Saturday, the site reported.

The "illustrated film" Pizzolo is creating for the adaptation mixes elements of anime, radio drama, video games and motion comics. Halo-8 intends to release limited-edition, serialized, short-form DVDs through the spring and summer before releasing the full-length feature theatrically in the fall.

Godkiller takes place in a dark future after economic collapse, after nuclear holy war and after Earth is colonized by alien races. Tommy and his kid sister Lucy live in an orphanage in one of the few remaining city-states, but Lucy is critically ill and desperately in need of a new heart. Tommy's odyssey to find a new heart for his sister begins when he follows an organ-stealing prostitute named Halfpipe out of the city-state and into the savage borderland known as Outer City.