Rockabilly fantasy comic Godshaper set to answer all our prayers this April

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May 3, 2017, 1:31 PM EDT (Updated)

Whether it was on a Sunday at church or a conversation with someone who knocked on your door, you've probably heard the idea of having a personal relationship with your god ... but you've never seen anything quite like the divine relationships in Godshaper.

In the world of Godshaper, everyone has their own personal god that is devoted to helping them and them alone. These gods have reshaped society, making technology and money obsolete ... which means it's going to be pretty rough going for the story’s godless protagonist, Ennay. Luckily he has a pal in the human-less god Bud, who accompanies him as they live life on the road, looking for their next gig.

This divinely strange tale will be spun by Eisner Award nominee Simon Spurrier (Cry Havoc) with artwork by Jonas Goonface, a relative newcomer (perhaps best known for his webcomic Follow the Leader) who's set to blow readers away with his vibrant, kinetic style.


Spurrier has already more than proven his chops for telling wildly stylized high-concept stories at BOOM! with subtext-packed series like Weavers, Six Gun Gorilla and The Spire (which I listed as required reading back in December) under his belt. Here's what he had to say about the series:

"This is one of those sky-high concepts that hits like a bolt from the blue and won't let go: an alternate reality where worship has replaced technology and money. Drench it in an exhausted late-'50s aesthetic — all greaser quiffs and hotrod bullies — fill it with monsters and mobsters, get it drawn by literally the most exciting young newcomer in comics today ... and away you go. Like all good genre fiction, Godshaper has the means to say a lot about our own world, and —sure— it's packed to the brim with tasty thematic platefuls of religion, greed, prejudice, consumerism, vanity, crime, war ... It's all there. But at its big, throbbing heart this is a story about two super-likable outcasts on a surreal, scary, sexy and utterly singular journey through a world which hates them."


The first issue is set for an April release and will feature a variant cover by Doctor Fate artist Sonny Liew as well as a regular cover by Goonface. The artist describes the book as an "odd couple of down-and-out hobo rascals hustling their way by hook or by crook across an unforgiving rockabilly America where capitalism is literally deified"

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm sold. Check out both covers for the first issue below, as well as an incredibly groovy promo image by Goonface, and be ready to rock when the first issue of Godshaper hits comic shop shelves this spring.