Godzilla looks even tubbier and more terrifying in these 15 fierce concept images

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Jun 5, 2014, 7:05 PM EDT

One of the most hilarious rounds of responses to the thundering success of the new Godzilla film was that the atomic lizard looked a little large around the middle.  Apparently some Japanese kaiju faithful like their Godzilla a bit more on the fit-and-trim side and even nicknamed Gareth Edwards' version "Godzilla Deluxe."  Maybe he's just big-boned.

Here's a roly-poly portfolio of alternate concept art by New Zealand's veteran artist Christian Pearce at Weta Workshop that reveals just how beefy he could have been, with Warner Bros. releasing these unused designs with hints of a fishy porcupine, a pin-headed iguana, a retro T-rex and even a spiny "Christmas tree-finned" stegosaurus.  The awesome art comes from the new book Godzilla: The Art of Destruction and lets voracious fans discover the many elements drawn from nature to achieve the different Godzilla styles.

(Via Comic Book Movie)