Godzilla-themed hotel coming to (where else?) Japan

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Feb 24, 2015, 6:41 PM EST

Our reaction to giant, radioactive-breathing lizard beast Godzilla sure has changed over the years. There used to be a time when the typical reaction to seeing his enormous, terrifying face atop a building would elicit this response:

The new Hotel Gracery is hoping for a very different response when it opens on April 24 -- they're hoping you'll love Godzilla. The 30-floor hotel is perched on top of Shinjuku's Toho Cinema, and it's gonna have quite a view.

Yes, a life-sized Godzillla head is being built and will live atop the Toho cinema's roof for all passers-by to see. And, if you aren't satisfied with seeing him from afar, you can even go to the observation deck and chill out with Godzilla's head close up.

If you want to stay in the Hotel Gracery and get even more lizard love, you can opt for the Godzilla room, with an oversized Godzilla statue, assorted memorabilia and an enormous hand coming into the room to steal you away. Cozy!

The Godzilla Room proper will set you back around $300-$400, but if you want something a little cheaper that retains that 'zilla flair, you can stay in the Godzilla View Rooms, which, just like you think, simply have a view of Goji's enormous head. That option's a downright affordable $125 a night.

Partway through writing this, I realized I am wearing one of my multiple Godzilla t-shirts, so this sounds like the perfect place to hang my holiday hat. But what about you -- think this seems like a good excuse to visit Japan?

(via Kotaku)