GoFundMe established to help cover Marvel colorist Justin Ponsor's cancer treatment

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Feb 25, 2018, 7:13 PM EST

Justin Ponsor is famous for coloring Marvel Comics such as The Defenders, Civil War II, Spider-Man is fighting cancer.

There has been a GoFundMe established to help cover his medical expenses. Ponsor's friend Alex Car organized the crowdfunding page for the prolific colorist. "I figure if we get about 500 people and we each contribute $100 that is 50k already," Car configured. 

Ponsor has been straightforward about the status of his health on his blog in real-time. "Don't want to bury the lede here, so hey, what's a little brain surgery this upcoming Thursday? Check this out though: I go home (probably) the next day. Yuss! Tired of these hospitals. IV machines won't let a fella sleep. No infections and I'm free to go," Ponsor wrote on his blog.

He took to Twitter to acknowledge the support he's getting from collaborators, fans, and Marvel.

Car's GoFundMe has raised $20,844 at the time this was published. Click here to help the cause or spread the word. 

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