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Good Omens drops first trailer at NYCC; series fulfills Terry Pratchett's dying wish

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Oct 6, 2018, 12:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Amazon teased a bit more of its upcoming limited adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's beloved fantasy novel, Good Omens, releasing the first real trailer for the six-part limited series, which drops in 2019.

Set to Queen's "You're My Best Friend," the funny teaser promises a time-jumping, world-building, and fantastical oddball journey between an angel and a demon. Think of it as an even more supernatural version of Bill & Ted.

Watch it below:

The panel (moderated by the incomparable Whoopi Goldberg) got off to a pretty heartwarming start when Gaiman stated that bringing the book to the screen was a fulfilmment of his co-author's dying wish. 

“I don’t have very long to live, and I want to see it before the lights go out," Pratchett reportedly told Gaiman for his last request. After all these years of failure, even with the involvement of Terry Gilliam, it's finally happened.

"I’ve seen it through," Gaiman said.

While onstage with series director Douglas Mackinnon and cast members Michael Sheen (Aziraphale), David Tennant (Crowley), Miranda Richardson (Madame Tracy), and Jon Hamm (Gabriel, who isn't really in the book), Gaiman introduced two new clips.


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The first takes place near the end of the second episode and finds Aziraphale and Crowley returning from a failed mission to find the Antichrist. Upon exiting the car, Crowley makes a snide comment about his companion's taste in music, which sways in favor of the Velvet Underground.

Then Aziraphale notices a book in the back seat, intimating that it might belong to young woman who Crowley ran over with his car. Crowley says that he's so caught up in felonies that he can't be bothered to return stolen property. However, Aziraphale reads the cover of the book and becomes preoccupied and a bit worried.

The second clip is set near the beginning of Episode 2 and takes place in a Soho bookshop run by Aziraphale. Gabriel enters the store with Sandalphon (Paul Chahidi), a character who Gaiman described as "an angelic thug." Since they're from Heaven and not entirely sure of earthly customs, their social demeanors are very, very funny. Their pretense for being there is to purchase some porn, and that's followed by an explanation of how humans are easily embarrassed.

Okay, so maybe our descriptions of these clips aren't the best, but that's just a testament to how unique, bizarre, and awesome Gaiman and Pratchett's imaginations are. Adaptations of their works need to be seen (and deconstructed) in person to be believed.

Sheen got into the works of Gaiman very early on, when he was a student at drama school in England and got handed a copy of Sandman.

“I should be over there, not here, because I’m a fan," he said. “To end up becoming friends with Neil … it really is like a dream come true.”

Good Omens poster

Credit: Amazon

Tennant, Richardson, and Hamm were not familiar with the book before filming the show, but none of them regret joining the project.

“Everyone you can wish for is in it," said Richardson. “Neil does it brilliantly, and everybody was just so great to work with.”

Hamm (attending his first-ever Comic Con) joked that he did it for the paycheck:

“I did this for money … Amazon paid me so much money.”

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