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Goof-up on Justice League detail makes The Flash one boss baby

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

The DCEU has already had its fair share of botched experiments and playful burns levied by others playing in the superhero sandbox. Now, fans playing around with the Justice League home release have led to more than a few laughs at details within the film.

None are as surprising as the one uncovered by Reddit user TheresOnly1GaryKing. He, in pausing on Cyborg’s fake military record for The Flash, finds out that this ID has Wesley Rowe listed as an eight-year-old military police officer.

Check it out:

Flash ID Justice League

Source: Warner Bros.

That’s a birthday of November 6, 2010. Surely a guard could’ve caught that, no?

Before you get too speculative about the movie’s potential setting in the future, note that the ID expires on November 18, 2018. This could be a fun Easter Egg hinting at when some of these ideas originated over at WB...or it could just be a funny detail overlooked by a creative team that suffered shakeups, re-edits, and lots and lots of post-production CGI work. At least this one wasn’t mustache-related.

At this rate, it seems Justice League may have a robust goof section on IMDb, but there’re always the Flashpoint and Aquaman movies on the way to hopefully right this franchise’s ship.

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