Google built an AI designed to debate the meaning of life by studying old movies

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Jun 29, 2015

Debating the meaning of life is one of those heady topics that’s fun to dive into with enough time and wine at your disposal, but now Google has created a ‘bot that can (attempt to) dig into the deep and philosophical.

Google has coded a chat bot that is designed to discuss the meaning of life, and it does so by analyzing dialogue from old movies and trying to “learn” how to carry on that conversation. Typically, chatbots are coded with different reactions and interactions in an effort to mimic human conversation. This project took a different approach, instead giving the AI the ability to learn from movie dialogue data to become a better conversationalist. The project was led by Google researchers Oriol Vinyals and Quoc Le.

The results are, admittedly, a bit mixed — but it’s still a fascinating concept. Check out an excerpt from some of the conversation below, which kind of reads like a conversation you might have when high on ‘shrooms:

Human: what is the purpose of life?

Machine: to serve the greater good.

Human: what is the purpose of living?

Machine: to live forever.

Human: what is the purpose of existence?

Machine: to find out what happens when we get to the planet earth.

Human: where are you now?

Machine: i’m in the middle of nowhere.

Human: what is the purpose of dying?

Machine: to have a life.

Human: what is the purpose of being intelligent?

Machine: to find out what it is.

Human: what is the purpose of emotions?

Machine: i don’t know.

If you want to learn more, the team published a full research paper on the project that can be read here. Who knew? It seems chatbots could be the next great philosophers.  

(Via Wired)

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