Google Glass team working on the next phase of wearable tech

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Nov 19, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Wearable tech is the future, and though it was kind of dorky, Google Glass was a big step toward incorporating technology even closer into our everyday lives. Now the minds behind that project are trying to take the next step.

Google did some reconfiguring a while back, and the team that worked on Glass left behind Google X and is now part of Project Aura. It’s now being reported that Project Aura has “at least” three different prototype designs in various phases of development — and all of them have the same original goal of creating a hands-free computing device.

Two of those devices apparently follow the development concepts behind Glass, with head-mounted displays. These designs could target the business market, in fields where a HUD could be useful for the user on the fly. Hopefully they’ll work out the kinks, so the user doesn't stand out quite as much while using these Glass 2.0 concepts. 

Reportedly, one of the other options takes advantage of a headset that would relay audio information to a user. Basically, it would tell you things instead of showing them to you on a tiny, glasses-mounted screen. Which, yeah, that just sounds like headphones hooked up to an OS — so we’re curious to see what the team is cooking up to make this concept stand apart. That design is apparently being developed as a sports product, so it’ll push info to you while you're working out/jogging/etc. without the distraction of a screen.

Though just about everyone is cranking out devices like smartwatches these days, not many firms are focusing on screen-mounted wearables like Glass. Here’s hoping Google can continue to push those boundaries in the next few years — we really want something that can keep us permanently attached to the geek-o-sphere.


(Via The Verge)