Gordon-Levitt joins Sin City 2 (plus we get more plot details)

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

The beauty of Joseph Gordon-Levitt being cast in the sequel to Sin City isn't just that a talented actor is continuing to add legitimacy to comic book flicks, it's also that we get to find out a bit more of what we can expect from Sin City 2. Plot info ahoy!

Included with the official announcement for Gordon-Levitt's involvement was this tidbit about his character and his story:

Gordon-Levitt will play Johnny, a cocky gambler who disguises a darker mission to destroy his most foul enemy at his best game.

The character Johnny is new and is, allegedly, meant to act as a bridge between the first film and its sequel, A Dame to Kill For.

Who is Johnny, though, and what foul enemy could these details be referring to?

As to Gordon-Levitt himself, his motivations are clear. Of the film, he said, "I love how the first movie uses VFX, not to make fake things look real, but to create a heightened world unburdened by the look and feel of reality. Plus, nobody makes a badass like Mr. Rodriguez."

As to whether the sequel can continue the success of the original, only time will tell. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt's involvement certainly doesn't hurt.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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