Gordon-Levitt responds to rumor that he'll play Doctor Strange

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Jul 16, 2013, 1:15 PM EDT

A rumor has been making the rounds this week that Joseph Gordon-Levitt — last seen in a pretty crucial role in DC’s The Dark Knight Rises — might jump ship over to Marvel for Doctor Strange. So what does the actor himself think about all the buzz?

Apparently not a whole lot, at least according to a message passed on from his management team when asked about the rumor. The response? “Not true.” Simple enough.

The rumor got started over at Latino Review, so it's hard to say how legit a source they might’ve heard it from. But it would’ve been one heck of a casting coup.

If not Gordon-Levitt, it’ll be interesting to see who Marvel goes after for the role, which is rumored to be the centerpiece of Phase III. The company has shown it's willing to think outside the box (i.e. Chris Pratt to lead Guardians of the Galaxy), so the real short list could have some names that no one has even considered. 

Who would you like to see casting spells and fighting mystical baddies on the big screen?

(Via Huffington Post)