This gorgeous Blade Runner retelling is made up of 12,597 animated watercolors

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Nov 20, 2013

Blade Runner is already one of the most stunning science fiction achievements ever, but this artistic retelling takes the movie to a whole other level.

We mentioned Swedish artist Anders Ramsell to you about a year ago. Back then he'd created more than 3,000 watercolors as a re-creation of Ridley Scott's classic film.

He wasn't done yet, but now he's nearly quadrupled the number of images to create a 35-minute version of the film. And it is a remarkable achievement, just like Ridley Scott's vision.

It's worth sitting down and watching the whole thing, just to blanch at the sheer scope of the work. It's hard to imagine anyone dedicating so much time to such an offbeat artistic venture. On the other hand, considering how long it took Ridley Scott to release a version of Blade Runner he was happy with, there's something almost poetically parallel to Ramsell's work.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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