This gorgeous, CGI version of Akira is the only remake we need

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Aug 11, 2016

While Hollywood keeps toiling away on a live-action version of Akira, some talented fans decided to take a crack at their own version of the iconic sci-fi tale. The result is pretty much perfect.

Brad Kremer and Dean Fowler love Akira (both the film and the manga) and decided to manifest that passion with a “tribute trailer” by re-creating some of the film’s most iconic scenes with CGI. The results are stunning, with a finished product that looks (obviously) familiar to fans, but with a fresh coat of effects on top. They do a great job of capturing the essence of what makes some of those shots so iconic, while also putting their own spin on the visuals.

"As we brainstormed the story that we wanted to explore from the film we settled on focusing primarily on the bike. The Akira bike is one of those iconic symbols that still remains relevant today similar to the Millennium Falcon or Marty McFly’s beat up DeLorean,” Brad said. “But we always kept the project alive with a lot of late nights (mostly from Dean), re-edits and re-renders, and a lot of discussions about how to improve it. And so, after countless hours of modeling and rendering we are ready to share with you this short tribute to the masterpiece that Katsuhiro Otomo created and shared with us so many years ago."

Check out the sizzle reel below, then watch it a few more times because it’s great:

(Via io9)

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