Gorgeous sci-fi short The Rise and Fall of Globosome shows the life and death of an alien race

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Jul 4, 2015, 6:04 PM EDT

There’s a simplicity to the ambition with The Rise and Fall of Globosome, which is a gorgeous short film that will make you think twice about our own place in the world.

Written and directed by Sascha Geddert, the short CGI film focuses on a race of tiny alien lifeforms who evolve on a planet, then develop intelligence and start consuming the resources and changing the world around them. The effects are gorgeous, and Geddert manages to condense the concept while still telling a poignant tale.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In the vastness of space, there’s a a small speck of rock inhabited by the most peculiar lifeforms: Dark little “Globosomes” that start to replicate fast and begin to show signs of intelligence. The film tells the story of the rise and fall of these little creatures.

This film is inspired by the special times we’re living in on our own planet. We’re ourselves at the crossroads: Rise to our true calling and explore the universe or perish from the face of a dirty planet. Surely we have culture, science and art but what does remains of these achievements, if you look at our world from a global perspective.

Check out the film below and let us know what you think:

(Via io9)

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