Got $680,000? You can literally buy a town from The Walking Dead on eBay

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Mar 3, 2015, 3:02 PM EST

It seems like you can get just about anything on eBay. Even, apparently, an entire downtown featured prominently on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

If you’ll remember back to season three, the episode “Clear” focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne tracking down Morgan Jones (Lennie James). Where was Morgan holed up at the time? An empty downtown area that he had retrofitted into a massive zombie kill zone. If you ever wondered how the producers of the show were able to convert this entire city block into a massive zombie killing machine, we now know the answer.

The episode was largely set in the small Georgia town of Grantville, which has pretty much gone belly-up as jobs dry up and families leave looking for work. Thanks to The Walking Dead, zombie-loving tourists have created a new economy, but it's still not enough to turn things around. So a big chunk of the town’s downtown is now for sale — specifically the area made famous in “Clear.”

The town’s former mayor, Jim Sells, is hoping to sell nine buildings in downtown, totaling 25,000 square feet, to someone potentially interested in revitalizing the area. He’s asking $680,000, which isn’t a terrible price for the amount of property involved. Of course, you have to remember that property is located in a struggling small town in Georgia, but still. You’d have to think some industrious Walking Dead fan will pick this thing up and turn it into an undead tourist trap. Right?

Check out some photos of the downtown below, along with how the area looked on screen in The Walking Dead:

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