Got $873,000? Then you can own the most terrifying home on Earth

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Earlier this week, we revealed 12 movie and TV haunted houses we wouldn't mind moving into. On that list was the star of Disney's The Haunted Mansion (i.e. the home itself). And now the attraction-turned-film is officially on sale!

Right now, a replica of the Haunted Mansion is up for grabs. It's being auctioned off (via eBay) by a company called Theme Park Connection. They're already known for selling rare Disney collectibles, but this takes the cake. The house is located in Duluth, Ga., and is over 10,000 square feet. Thus far, it comes with an $873,000 price tag.

What do you get for that insane amount of money? The house is four stories, with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, one of them is tricked out with haunting extras. "When the faucet turns on, the lights flicker and dim as a skeleton appears in the mirror, and the ride's music and voiceover echos on..."

You can watch the spooky effect below.

The mansion also comes with a children's playhouse, hot tub, two-story library, an elevator shaft, and an in-law/nanny suite.

(via THR)