Gotham and Riverdale crossover in Harley & Ivy meet Betty & Veronica

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Jul 7, 2017, 11:50 AM EDT

There's no question that Gotham City and Riverdale, despite both being fictional comic book cities, have very little else in common. Still, some of the most fun stories in the pages of Archie Comics have been in unexpected crossovers, like KissPunisher and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The next adventure will see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy heading to Riverdale in a crossover adventure with Archie's pair-of-paramours, Betty and Veronica.

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica is a new mini-series being co-published by Archie Comics and DC Comics, bringing the, as they said in a press release, "two pairs of gal pals" together. Harley co-creator Paul Dini will co-write the series with Marc Andreyko, and artist Laura Braga is on board to draw it.

"It's the sort of offer you scream out ‘YES!’ to before your eyes reach the middle of the email,” said Dini in the press release. “I've always wanted the chance to play in Riverdale, and to help Harley and Ivy invade it is a dream come true.  Marc's a great talent and a good friend. Writing this series with him has been like sitting on the lawn during summer vacation and reading a big pile of DC and Archie comics.  Except we have to stay indoors and type a lot.”

Andreyko added that he "was in disbelief!" when he got called about the series, and "cannot wait for readers to see what mischief" the team pulls together.

In Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica, there's a plan for free college tuition for Riverdale residents, but the town, which is separated from Gotham City by wetlands, needs to drain them to build a new campus. That rubs Poison Ivy the wrong way, and she and Harley kidnap Veronica Lodge and Betty to try to stop the project.

"It's going to be a blast to bring these amazing ladies together in this once-in-a-lifetime crossover," Braga said. "Each character is different and special. While Harley is one of my favorite characters ever, Betty and Veronica are giving her a run for her money! I love all these ladies, and this book is going to be non-stop fun."

Starting October 4, 2017, fans can see these four ladies come together, with the cover shown here by Amanda Conner and a variant by Adam Hughes, in comic shops and digitally.