Gotham at NYCC: Finale will flash forward 10 years ‘so we can see a certain character’

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Oct 7, 2018, 12:58 PM EDT

In a New York Comic Con panel filled with surprisingly candid revelations about what we can expect from the fifth and final season of Gotham, by far the biggest reveal of all was the confirmation — at long last! — that we’ll get a glimpse of the Caped Crusader before all is said and done.

Showrunner and executive producer John Stephens dropped the mic at the very end of the panel’s Q&A session with the cryptic but unmistakable revelation that Gotham’s final episode will do a ten-year time jump “so we can see a certain character.”

Season 5 marks the last chance for all of Gotham's characters to turn the corner in becoming the ones we recognize from Batman lore, and that theme ran throughout the panel. The show’s creative minds and stars weren’t holding back at their last-ever NYCC Sunday, dropping one surprise after another as they dished on what to expect from the final season.

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Batman isn’t the only new face we’ll see, hinted Stephens, who said Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) will be getting a new girlfriend — one whose description sure sounds a lot like Harley Quinn.

“He has a somewhat deranged girlfriend who dresses in a multicolor fashion,” he teased. “I wouldn’t describe it as a ‘healthy’ relationship, but I think there’s sort of a meeting of minds there….She likes roller skates.”

Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle, said her character goes through the last of many transformations in Season 5 — and that it’ll take her to the very darkest of places.

“She’s actually very suicidal — she attempts to end her life, in a way,” revealed Bicondova. “I think I said too much! But, yeah, we find her in a state of despair, and this Selina that we’ve…all known for the last four seasons goes completely out the window.”

Staying on the transformation theme, Alfred Pennyworth evidently will be going through both narrative and physical changes — including the kind that leave you in intensive care. Without spoiling the context (though we have a pretty good idea from the comics), actor Sean Pertwee said Alfred will end up breaking his back somewhere along the way this season in a confrontation with…wait for it…Bane.

“We have an altercation, and we give a very good accounting of ourselves, but I get my back broke,” he said. Stephens added that he’s been trying to work Bane into the show for a while. “For years when we’d say, ‘Can we use Bane?’ the answer would be like, ‘Nah, you can’t use Bane,” he said, explaining that the final season has opened the doors for a ton of revelations that have been building over time.

Gotham returns for its final ride next March on Fox.

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